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Seniors: Keep Your Medical Insurance!

As the gov (or some resemblance of the gov) attempts to sabotage your health insurance offering “kickbacks” to crappy Medicare “affiliate” companies like “Aetna” “Medicare Supplement Insurance” “Humana” to switch your insurance from your job, it is now more than ever important to keep your medical insurance from your job! Especially if you worked for the state or the government, you may still have Empire Blue Cross or Blue Shield.

These crappy companies do not follow their offerings, or standby their offerings tricking these seniors in fine print. If you do not have insurance it could be a viable option, but if you do keep your medical insurance!

Medicare “affiliates” and Medicare “providers” are completely different because the affiliates (which I mention) do not have to follow the principles of Medicare, and can more loosely define their terms of service.

it is absolute carnage and absolutely disgusting that these “affiliates” were even allowed to be born, nonetheless aggressively approach vulnerable seniors. PEF retiree foundation agrees with this dispute, and reiterates my calling for your wellness. and S/O to Terri for backing me up, smart lady.

I appreciate the Democrats trying to fix a big problem from when Trump forced the “Medical Marketplace,” a oxymoron in itself, but not at the expense of uniformity and the cost of seniors that are still living today, and earned their insurance through working a state job for many years.

The way things are going in this world (or the US) what (when) will be enough? Will we start putting seniors to sleep like stray cats or dogs on the side of the street?

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