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CoronaVirus: Rafa and Barty pass up US Open Tennis!

Rafa and Barty ain’t having it. They aren’t going to fly all around the world to fly right into the heart of the dragon to play with face masks on. They have informed the media that they will NOT participate in the 2020 US Open hailing in Flushing Queens NYC!

Rafa Nadal is World rank No. 2 right behind No. 1 Serbia Novak Djokovic, and from down under is Women’s No. 1 Ashleigh Barty! This is a big hit for the sport, as the competition will still be stiff, but tarnished play. There are others that are joining the fray. The US Open played will run from Monday, Aug. 31 to Sept. 13 2020.

On a separate note, The US Open (Tennis) has become victimized to unruly fans shouting, fighting (among themselves), and gesturing during the matches. This is very embarrassing to (the) US. the picture above explains it all.

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