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“Handy-How-To: Deal With Road Ragers”


  • First it is important that you are a competent driver, and care about your life and other people’s lives on the road.
  • If you fail the first condition, then there is no sense in reading any further because divinity requires sincerity.
  • 1. Now that we are past the condition to act in divinity, when you are driving you cannot allow other bad drivers to influence you to follow their bad driving practices (“if he driving bad I might as well too”) is not a good way to approach things and just makes driving more dangerous.
  • 2. Do not tailgate, and when someone tailgates you do not feel pressure to tailgate the person in front of you. You should drive the speed limit (if possible). What you have to do is slow down a little bit. If you feel very nervous just pull over safely and let the car pass you. Otherwise slow down a little bit, and use your horn as they pass you (illegally). There are unfortunately a lot of idiots that do not care anymore. Unfortunately the police have been having a tough time with regulation since the coronavirus.
  • 3. If someone tailgates you and continues to follow you or honk their horn, then you must (as a senior) press your life alert right away or dial 911 and put your phone on speaker phone so it is safe. If the person follows you into parking lot or side of road DO NOT ENGAGE. Lock your windows and call 911 immediately. At this point it is probably a good idea to have a little baton in your car, just in case the road rager really goes bezzerk and breaks your window.
  • 4. If you see people driving badly or especially driving in the middle of the road it is important you honk and hold your horn down as they pass you. We must let people know when they are out of line (literally). When people cut your lane as they turn please again honk your horn.
  • Conclusion: Again I know it is tough because there is not much you can do (especially tailgaters), but be better than the dangerous idiots who are driving recklessly and rise above that. Honk your horn whenever anyone is driving badly around you (cutting lanes, driving in the middle of the road). (As long as you are not the antagonist) Do not allow people (of any age) to bully you on the road, once they tailgate you where they are almost touching bumpers or follow you then it is important you hit your life alert or call 911 (on speakerphone if you have to). You cannot allow people to push you all over the road bc they are mentally sickness (from bad media and politics).

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