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Corona Virus creeps through New York


People are rolling around in disfunction. Walmarts is packed! and Shoprite is selling out of everything by Sunday morning. People are literally stashing eggs in their sheets.

Although president Donald Trump has been acting in a good manner, it definitely seems lacked in sincerity, appearing as more of a re-election campaign. Not only did we wait to react, but the climate of negativity that the prez incited on his inception (or deception) helped pave the way … towards kids running on the beach for Spring Break, churches still fighting for the lord rising “above” the sickness, riots and protests – people holding hands along the way. The parks were packed in NYC and NJ held in defiance of a dangerous virus and/or negligence of self and their environment.

My advice on the face masks issue is wear a face mask if you live in a suburb or urban environment, as you will be forced to close quarters relatively more often. If you live in less population than a suburb, Keep your Space!(and stay outside), then the face mask should not (need) to be worn (unless you are sick or have any symptoms). Obviously try not to touch too many doors and particularly metal objects as well (change included), and most importantly try to wait until you need things to shop (not until it is dire straits!), and if the store is packed or moderately busy. Don’t go in! Go back home and return later, or earlier the next morning when they open. A lot of places are even offering “senior special hour” – where they open the store an hour early exclusively for seniors to shop. Shoprite is offering it at 6am every morning, and Walmart is offering it on Tuesdays (only).

We must take care of each in these times. If you don’t take care of yourself, it can “indirectly” effect someone else. Think about this … Why are you mad? #WeMadeIt.

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