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BINGO House Rules!

Strangely enough, right before our eyes minors (under 18) weren’t able to play BINGO as a law passed in the summer of 2017 banning them from playing. In March of 2019, the Senate is attempting to fix the BINGO dilemma, and to allow minors to play BINGO with the supervision of an adult. The issue really isn’t BINGO, its cellphones!

Straying off the topic, but you can organize BINGO as charitable means, but you must forego the process (and cost) for the license. Here are the details

Bingo Guidelines

A bingo reference guide consisting of operational highlights designed for authorized organizations, municipal clerks, and chief law enforcement officers.

  • Obtain an ID Number by filing Form 1A (Application for Registration and Identification Number) with the Board. (See Part 5810 of the Rules.)
  • File Forms BC-2, BC-2A and BC-2B in triplicate with the municipal clerk, along with a check for $18.75 for each bingo occasion, and obtain a license on Form BC-5.
  • Not more than eighteen days of Bingo may be conducted per calendar quarter, and not more than three occasions can be conducted per day.
  • No Bingo license (BC-5) shall exceed one year in length from initial filing. Bingo amendments (Form BC-6) may be filed with the municipal clerk throughout the calendar year to amend items listed on the original Bingo application Forms BC-2, BC-2A, BC-2B.
  • Bingo profits must be deposited into a Special Bingo Checking Account the next business day after each occasion.
  • Forms BC-7 & BC-7B must be filed with the municipal clerk within seven days after each bingo occasion, accompanied by an additional license fee based on three percent of the net profits, payable to the municipality.
  • Form BC-7Q must be filed with the Board on a quarterly basis, and one copy with the municipal clerk.
  • Bingo “House Rules” must be adopted, announced, listed in the Bingo program, and prominently posted for all situations not addressed by law or rule. A House Rule addressing seat reservations must be included.
  • Authorized organizations must establish and enforce strict internal controls in order to ensure compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. It is recommended that each applicant attend a Board Charitable Gaming Training Seminar immediately following the filing of its 1A Registration Application.
  • Internal controls should include standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with bingo financial reporting requirements. This will help ensure the proper operation of your games, accurate financial reporting, and the lawful use of bingo proceeds required by law and Rule 5821.
  • No regular bingo cards or special game cards shall be sold after the completion of the scheduled game marking the half-way point in an occasion, except with respect to Supercards, Pre-drawn games and opportunities to participate in a jackpot game.
  • Bingo committees must ensure that a sufficient number of members-in-charge have been designated to ensure that at least one member-in-charge will be present for the entire Bingo occasion, per Rule 5820.1.
  • A bingo “Session” is a single gathering in which one, two, or three licensed bingo occasions are conducted consecutively by the same authorized organization, provided not more than thirty minutes time shall elapse between the first and second occasions, nor between the second and third occasions.
  • No player shall be permitted entry into any room in which bingo is to be conducted without purchasing at least an admission card, at a price not to exceed $5.
  • Electronic Bingo Aids may be used during a bingo occasion if conducted in accordance with Rule 5823.
  • A licensed authorized organization CANNOT use members of an auxiliary to assist in the conduct of bingo unless the auxiliary obtains an ID Number from the Board, and the members’ names are listed on Form BC-2A, or on a license amendment Form BC-6.
  • Each bingo worker must wear an ID badge bearing the name of the licensee, the member’s name, address, signature and photograph reflected upon such. The is no standard badge requirement. A second form of ID must be provided by each worker, upon request.
  • Bingo workers CANNOT play bingo during the occasion they assist in, nor purchase bell jar or raffle tickets if such are sold during subject Bingo occasion.
  • No fewer than two members shall be responsible for counting bingo proceeds. The participation of additional members is highly recommended.

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